LB Technology was founded in Memphis, TN, dedicated to focusing on products for the transportation industry for government and company fleets. The industries we serve, combined with our back office software, make us a leader in the telematics and electronic logging industries.

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Any type of business fleet (cars, vans, local trucks, OTR units, etc.) has access to a customized program for GPS tracking services, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), and trailer tracker products.


Our products include state of the art hardware designed for the elements of the weather as well as the driver. Our back office software is the key difference in the industry, not just for tracking and compliance, but also maintenance, applications, speeding, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and much more.

Functionality and Deployment

Our products were designed by fleet owners and tracking companies to address the problems with other solutions and to give visibility into the entire fleet. Our staff deploys our units for next day delivery in most cases and provides training and installation when required.

Services and Solutions



Back Office Software

FleetTrac is a robust web based software providing fleet owners an intuitive and easy to operate mapping portal. Full integration into any business office system is available.


Implementation and Support

We have a full team of skilled technicians that support, train, and even provide onsite turnkey installations anywhere and any time as part of our white glove point of difference.


DOT Compliance

User friendly and fully compliant Hours of Service (HOS) via Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Created by trucking professionals and coupled with GPS telematics, we provide a best in class solution for transportation companies of all sizes.


Easy to use Hardware

Full suite of customized and proprietary hardware options for monitoring and tracking vehicles and trailers.

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